Name: José Antonio Chalhub Júnior
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 06/11/2009

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Martha Machado Campos Advisor *

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Edésio Fernandes Júnior External Examiner *
Eneida Maria Souza Mendonça Internal Examiner *
Martha Machado Campos Advisor *

Summary: The research aims to build an environmental pact as a precondition for human coexistence in urban society, based on political sciences and its key thinkers. Still, in the constitution of a city’s imaginary, through the identification of elements of historical, artistical, natural, architectural and cultural as a translation of a feeling of belonging to the community and as a representation of a social-spatial map. These points of reference are defined as legitimate spatial- informational elements and preserved in an environmental pact through urban and environmental standards. The formulation of laws regulating subdivision, use and occupation of urban land is a process of planning between the various economic, social and political forces to a project for a city and its imaginary. And the systematization of these laws in the municipality of Vila Velha / ES allows comparison between the historical transformations of the territory and the various environmental pacts that allowed the use of the urban land’s speculative potentialities, as well, on the other hand, preserved the landscape and historical features of its cultural identity. The split and the occupation of Vila Velha’s territory were induced by the economic policies, national and state, in a development context that structured the metropolitan area of Grande Vitória. The improvements, urban interventions and laws, over the time, conditioned urban planning to the interests of real estate capital, however, historical and environmental spatial elements always catalyzed the discussion about preserving the city's cultural identity. The legislation’s evolution demonstrates a concern in identifying those elements that are essential to the community’s imagination. In discussing the new urban master plan in 2006 / 2008, this issue has guided much of the environmental renegotiation process. The urban planning as law in Vila Velha is an instrument that takes its importance in the political process to legitimize an imaginary of the city with the preservation of its heritage and environment, as evidenced by the laws from 1948 to 2008.
key words: socio-environmental pact, imaginary, urban planning.

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