Name: Filipe dos Santos Wagmacker
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 09/02/2023

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Flávia Ribeiro Botechia Advisor *

Examining board:

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Clara Luiza Miranda Internal Examiner *
Flávia Ribeiro Botechia Advisor *
João Luiz Calmon Nogueira da Gama External Examiner *

Summary: From the backdrop of globalization, Castoriadis (1978) and Milton Santos (1996)
suggested that new methods be created to encompass all the growing complexity of
territories based on the uniqueness of disciplines in understanding issues of space x
time. Studying the various Brazilian metropolises, Flávio Villaça (2001) realized that
urbanization processes are the result of Forces applied in different directions and
intensities and, as well as in structures, the result of these vectors would determine the
movement of change or trend of urban growth. Therefore, we will embark on a research
method classified as exploratory by Gil (2002), whose general objective is to carry out
a numerical and graphic modeling of the incident actions, in order to allow analysis of
the Forces of the territory from a Stress x Deformation graph based on in Physics and
Resistance of Materials, thus creating a parameter for evaluating the Strengths of the
territory. Therefore, the specific objectives are summarized in: applying the laws of
Physics to the analysis of the Forces that affect the territory, defining a historical line
in which it is possible to carry out a reading of the empirical object, a region that was
called “Sertão de Santa Clara” , which resulted from a geographical cut that currently
covers 7 municipalities and 13 locations, in a territory with an approximate area of 596
thousand km², between the states of Espírito Santo, Minhas Gerais and Bahia, whose
tensions were detected by the study of the shape on a Regional scale . With these
data, a Graph-Static analysis is achieved, considering the periods of elasticity,
plasticity and rupture. Once again, philosophy, in this case that of Castoriadis`
autonomy, gave meaning to mathematical methods for application in Physics. The
relevance of the proposed method consists, in the future, of comparative analyzes of
applications in several empirical objects, in the possibility of creating a database
through which it is possible to predict the consequences of a force, helping in urban

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