Name: Dayanne Diwlyan Raasch de Oliveira
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 26/12/2022

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Daniella do Amaral Mello Bonatto Advisor *

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Cristina Engel de Alvarez Internal Examiner *
Daniella do Amaral Mello Bonatto Advisor *
Leandro Camatta de Assis External Examiner *

Summary: The way cities are planned and governed is closely related to impacts on sustainability and resilience, and their characteristics consequently reflect vulnerability to the adverse impacts of climate change. Anthropogenic activities have modified Earth climate, culminating in the imbalance of natural systems and leading to situations of vulnerability that can lead to disasters. The objective of this work was to identify factors that influenced the incidence of natural disasters related to urban waters in Colatina-ES, in the years 2013 and 2020, and to investigate the collaboration of urban occupation for such occurrences, within an environmental, social and urban perspective. To achieve this purpose, a descriptive and analytical research was carried out that evaluated 71 neighborhoods located in the municipal seat. Through field research, with documents made available by the Civil Defense of Colatina, data about the hydrological and geological disasters that occurred in the research time framewere collected and georeferenced. Using the Geographic Information System, the data were integrated using a procedural logic of interpretation, classification and representation. Analyzes of changes in land cover were carried out, from a space-time perspective, and the influencing factors in the occurrence of disaster were identified. As a result, the research synthesized data, through descriptive mapping of the territory, spatial changes over time, and the list of influential factors on disasters related to urban waters. The survey results indicated at least seven factors that influenced the occurrence of disasters: rainfall; income; houses with surrounding trees; houses with the presence of garbage in the surroundings; houses with the presence of manholes and storm drains in the surroundings; runoff coefficient from the permeable and impermeable areas; and soil cover. The main contribution is the presentation of the aspects that influenced the occurrence of natural disasters related to urban waters, clarifying the aspects to be controlled and problems to be mitigated.

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