Name: Tatiana Endlich Carletto Cappato
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 03/10/2022

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Martha Machado Campos Advisor *

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Clara Luiza Miranda Internal Examiner *
Manoela Rossinetti Rufinoni External Examiner *
Martha Machado Campos Advisor *

Summary: This dissertation addresses the Port of Vitória and its surroundings, in a record that recognizes those as an industrial heritage of the Metropolitan Region of Greater Vitória (RMGV), located in the state of Espírito Santo (ES) and seeks to demonstrate the importance of preserving its heritage when within the framework of a common city project, which respects, cares, values and gives visibility to local culture. Through a historical and field survey, of tangible and intangible industrial heritage located in territorial fractions of the municipalities of Vitória, Vila Velha and Cariacica, characterized as an intercity territory. It uses methodology in two fields: theoretical-historical and empirical. Divided into three chapters, the first exposes a bibliographic review of specialized literature about the theme of industrial heritage, as well as on heritage charts and on the subthemes 'urban sustainability' and 'right to the city'. It is therefore assumed to address the complexity contained in the preservation of industrial heritage from the perspective of these subthemes. In the second chapter, historical reference to the Port of Vitória is presented, based on a proposal for periodization, in chronology initiated within periods previous of the Port of Vitória construction (1545-1893), passes through the time that the port industrial heritage was built (1895-1966) and reaches time of permanences and transformations (1967-2022). The intercity survey study and analysis of the ports industrial heritage territory is presented in the third chapter and, following, studies of urban public policies of cultural heritage of the master plans of the three municipalities in question. In addition, there is also an integrated regional policy in the metropolis of Espírito Santo - the RMGV Integrated Urban Development Plan (PDUI-RMGV) - which aims to achieve territorial (re)organization, improvements in urban mobility, environmental recovery and socioeconomic development. Finally, it is observed in the scope of the object under study, the existence of an expressive cultural heritage, recognized in this dissertation as a port industrial heritage constituted since 1895, of historical, cultural, environmental, social and technological value of local, regional and global scope to be preserved, with the potential to promote significant urban transformations from the point of view of urban sustainability and popular struggles for the right to the city, based on reflections on the history of the construction of this industrial heritage.

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