Name: Marina Coelho de Souza
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 14/03/2022

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Lutero Proscholdt Almeida Advisor *

Examining board:

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Clara Luiza Miranda Internal Examiner *
Gabriela Leandro Pereira External Examiner *
Lutero Proscholdt Almeida Advisor *

Summary: The present dissertation consists of understanding the presence of women in housing
movements in Vitória-ES region, as an essential agent in the claim and promotion of access to
housing rights. In this way, the participation of different social agents who seek to think and
develop cities is investigated. In the disputes for the possession of urban land, they are
protagonists of the movements for housing, and, at the same time, for the right to the city, to
the establishment of their living spaces and the consolidation of their territory. Eviction,
expulsion and/or marginalization of social groups are often witnessed, accompanied by a
cyclical process of attempts at anchoring, followed by new attempts at identity reconstruction
on new bases. Some alternatives are the occupation of marginalized spaces, urban voids and
underused properties. The research included interviews with women active in housing
movements in the city of Vitória and its immediate surroundings. The context to which they are
inserted, demarcated by gender, race and social class, contributed to the advent of numerous
obstacles in the path of the right to housing and the city. Intersectionality helped the research
process to analyze the intersection of oppressions of sexism, racism and classicism, present in
the lives of these women. despite all the logic in the elaboration and functionality of a city/of
cities, which is highly influenced by the game of power and monetary interest, these women
promote other alternatives of thinking and elaborating cities. The dreamed of territory proves
to be an important factor in keeping the group together for a common good. The large number
of women present in movements for housing is remarkably noticeable, especially within the
occupations, in addition to this phenomenon, we are also interested in investigating the presence
of these black women as important political subjects in the search for more unbiased and
egalitarian cities. This research had, therefore, a methodological course that included, in
addition to a) interviews, b) bibliographic analysis on the subject, c) research in national and
international virtual journals; d) photographic records; e) elaboration of thematic maps; f)
analysis of interviews. It is women who exercise the control function, represent their collective
and provide alternatives for fairer cities, in addition to moving forward in search of their
individual and collective rights, with emphasis on the right to housing and the city

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