Name: Amanda Medeiros Argolo
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 01/10/2021

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Flávia Ribeiro Botechia Advisor *

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Flávia Ribeiro Botechia Advisor *
Jarryer Andrade de Martino Internal Examiner *
Letícia Tabachi Silva External Examiner *

Summary: Urban mobility is the concern of municipal managers, characterized as one of the major
problems facing cities today. Together with it, it seeks to ensure that it takes place in a
sustainable way, as the commitment to sustainability has a joint vision of issues: social,
economic and environmental, for the current moment and for future generations. The
lack of incentives for public transport, road saturation and the stimulus to purchase a
car are some of the causes and inconveniences As municipalities grow and develop,
technology evolves and the availability of internet access has allowed the development
of applications that support urban mobility. Thus, this study aims to present the
concepts and definitions related to sustainable urban mobility and technology,
demonstrate indicators and, consequently, analyze the Integrated Urban Development
Plan of Grande Vitória and the Urban Mobility Plan of Vitória, comparing them to other
plans of the same scale and contextualized in the actions performed. Among the IUDP
compared to the Metropolitan Region of Grande Vitória are those of Belo Horizonte and
Rio de Janeiro, while the Urban Mobility Plan was compared with the plans of Cariacica
and Vila Velha. Within this context, it was found that the Mobility Plans have a more
incisive influence on the displacement of individuals and how technology can contribute
to this. Within the listed indicators, the entire category of Planning, management and
organization of urban space does not exist in the six analyzed plans. While the
indicators referring to non-motorized transport are the most identified and with actions

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