Name: Joana Segatto Scabelo
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 23/06/2021

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Jarryer Andrade de Martino Advisor *

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Jarryer Andrade de Martino Advisor *
Marcela Alves de Almeida Internal Examiner *
Nelson Pôrto Ribeiro External Examiner *

Summary: The growth of the cities and the urban area transformations have made many heritages
were demolished, leaving a gap in the society’s history as well as, in the understanding
and sense of belonging of their residents. Through the Heritage Charters, the
architectural patrimony has won more notoriety and a series of initiatives for its
preservation started to be incorporated. However, what to do when the patrimony that
composes the society’s history is demolished? How are the technologies able to
“recover” this history that has been lost? Therefore, this study aimed to demonstrate
the digital reconstruction paths of the of demolished historical heritage, through
historical surveying, use of photogrammetry, scanning and later 3D printing of the
Igreja Matriz Nossa Senhora de Vitória (Mother Church of Our Lady of Victory), that
was tore down in 1918 to make space to the present Cathedral. The choice of this
monument has been made because of its historical representativeness in the history
of Espírito Santo history, given that the religiosity has shown itself to be strongly active
since its foundation. As there was no project and the records about the Church were
scarce, a thorough bibliographic investigation was necessary to make possible the its
digital reconstruction. At the end of the research, it has been found that, although it is
not possible in the majority of the cases returning to the building exactly how it was,
the digital technologies lend support to the collection, the handling and the data
recording, contributing to complement the heritage’s architectural documentation.
They also allow the recovering and preservation of the ingrained history, also granting
that other formats of representation can be explored.

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