Name: Liane Becacici Gozze Destefani
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 29/05/2020

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Edna Aparecida Nico Rodrigues Advisor *

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Augusto Alvarenga External Examiner *
Edna Aparecida Nico Rodrigues Advisor *
Jarryer Andrade de Martino Internal Examiner *

Summary: Nowadays, designers and society are worried about the performance of builfings,
also reflected in the creation of many standards on the subject, helped the
development of research related to specific Project situations. The thermal
performance of commercial buildings, wich mostly follow na international style, with
the abusive use of glass surfaces, has been criticized and verified.Large electrical
charges, requested by the large amount of equipment used in the offices, create
conditions of thermal discomfort in spaces, favoring the intensive use of HVAC
systems. The reaserch verified the influence of façade system external cladding
materials on the thermal comfort inside the builfing. 22 computer simulations were
performed, using the software EcoDesigner Star, with 11 types of façades in two
orientations, from a model building with 17 floors of offices, located in Enseada do
Suá, Vitória, ES. The simulated models included the more traditional façade systems,
identified in existing buildings in the área and other systems not yet used in the
neighborhood but already available in the national market. Among the systems
analyzed, there was a great increase in energy consumption with air conditioning in
buildings that use glass façade. Among the systems that use conventional Windows,
the ventilated façade system obtained the best result, followed by the system that
uses Light Steel Frame with fiber cement panels.

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