Name: Henrique Alexandre Silvestre
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 29/05/2019

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Martha Machado Campos Advisor *

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Martha Machado Campos Advisor *

Summary: Changes in port structures, operations, and activities invariably interfere with the city's relationship with its ports. In the context of today's globalized competition, technological demands become imperative, intensifying the role of territories as attractive to global capital and modifying the port and city interface. This generates a strengthening of the trend of ports around the cities. In Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo, the trajectory of its ports is aligned with the trajectory of its urban occupation, being these elements of beaconing in the socioeconomic, political, cultural and urban local environmental life. Vitoria passed from the city-wharf to large port complexes, from the founding port to the internalized dry ports, constituting in the 21st century an infrastructural system articulated in transport networks and logistics of extensive global reach. The port sites are implemented - mostly - by means of cancellation processes of the surrounding cities. Public policies related to the port and urban dynamics in Brazil allow to elucidate part of the problematic about the port city and the impacts in the territory. Vitória and region present intimate economic and social connection with its port system; however, this list can not be seen as a safeguard to obliterate the surrounding environment. In this dissertation, we will discuss port activity and its environmental interface through expansions, notably landfills and territorial expansions. Likewise, the port theme will be consulted in the planning instruments of the three federative spheres. It is concluded that the port question is marked by interests globalized in dissonance with public, social and environmental interests.

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