Name: Camilo Simão de Lima
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 29/03/2019

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Bruno Massara Rocha Advisor *

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Bruno Massara Rocha Advisor *

Summary: This dissertation presents the Open Design concept as a creation, production and distribution approach that assists new forms of design, as well as enhances the emergence of innovation in projects through its openness, collaboration and experimentation, allowing knowledge and production to occur in a more horizontal way, bringing the end user into the creative process. The shared design practices allow a new process mode in the technological field of architecture, urbanism, art and design, enabling a more active and effective action of individuals as well as the community, offering creative and innovative solutions that closed and linear processes can not reach, implying in more integrated systems and societies producing free services and products that serve a larger portion of the population. The aim of this work is to broaden the debate on Open Design, organize the concept of openness, present the history of collaborative practices in the field of architecture, analyze interfaces and supports for Open Design practice, and call on architects and designers to reflect and evaluate their own professional performance in the information age.

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