Name: Súsie Fonseca de Souza
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 28/03/2019

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Clara Luiza Miranda Advisor *

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Clara Luiza Miranda Advisor *

Summary: It is the Neighborhood Impact Study, a proposed instrument for the purpose of analyzing previously the positive and negative impacts of an enterprise or activity, to be implemented in the urban environment. That said, we started the reflection on the rights of neighborhood, in the aspect of the harmony of the individual and collective interests and the coexistence between the citizens. After approaching the phenomenon of urbanization introducing the Brazilian context, we expanded the concept of neighborhood to raise the coexistence between cities that make up a metropolitan region, whose territorial limits are confused. Thus, we focused the research in the Metropolitan Region of Greater Vitória, having as a territorial cut, five cities that constitute its urban conurbation. We then proceed to evaluate the NIS implementation processes by analyzing the municipal urban legislation and investigating the procedures for its consolidation and applicability. The definition and delimitation of what is understood as a direct area of influence is then posed, when we question the extent to which the impacts can extend to intra-urban spaces. In dealing with the urban environment with metropolitan features, we propose the term metropolitan impact, understanding that any interference in the urban environment may also interfere with the dynamics and environment of another administrative unit. Thus, when considering impacts in the metropolitan area, we presuppose interference in the daily lives of neighboring cities, which may go beyond the issues of urban mobility and beyond municipal boundaries. Introducing the concept of metropolitan areas of influence and vector of influence, we took the structural road system of the RMGV as a starting point for the proposal of NIS at the metropolitan interface.

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