Name: Raphael Henrique Ferreira Potratz
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 27/03/2019

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Clara Luiza Miranda Advisor *

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Clara Luiza Miranda Advisor *

Summary: Faced with the phenomenon of industrialization and rapid urbanization that has
developed since the 1950s in the large and medium-sized cities of Brazil, and with its own characteristics in Espirito Santo, this research aims to identify and situate the importance of small cities within the restructuring of brazilian city network. If, at the beginning of this journey, the small town set a fundamental node in the network of relations that involved the urban and the rural, now, its congener of the beginning of the XXI century, after a series of significant transformations coming from the industrialization, definitely takes part of the advance of Brazilian and global industrial capitalism. With this, some small municipalities that have excelled in their industrialization processes and/or suffered directly or indirectly with urbanization through the industrialization of the metropolis or regional centers have come to appear with some novelty, urban problems. This is the case of the municipality of Santa Maria de Jetibá, mountain region of Espírito Santo. This contemplates characteristics of the rapid urban development that affected some of the small Brazilian cities, especially those that inserted new functions in the processes and
productive activities. In this way, the general objective of this research is to analyze the case of the municipality studied in the context of industrialization and urbanization in small cities in order to better understand their urban problems. From there, based also on its formative processes and particular features of its urban growth, draw a small prognosis on the urban problems raised, especially from the point of view of urban planning.

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