Name: Evelyn Machado dos Santos
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 27/03/2019

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Milton Esteves Junior Advisor *

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Milton Esteves Junior Advisor *

Summary: This research focuses on the relations between the city and hydrological networks, in special the dichotomy observed in those relations along urbanization processes and highlighting the contradictions. As empirical object, this research makes a study case on the Canal da Passagem (translated as passage canal) located in the city of Vitória – ES, Brazil. In particular, the stretch that goes from the river mouth in Camburi to Santa Martha neighborhood until the upstream. It is verified that during the urban expansion process of the city there were transformations within natural
characteristics and in special its water courses. It is analyzed through a historical perspective, demographic index and the relation with urban data discussing dichotomy relationship between disparate data in neighboring locations. By identifying few spots of public access to the canal, WHERE its borders are massively occupied by private developments, reflections are made regarding territorialities and power shaping and controlling the borders. Finally, through this analysis of identified dichotomies, this research discusses possibilities to recover and incorporate rivers to urban daily life as well new guidelines and strategies, serving as basis for policies
that aim for recovering degraded hydrological networks.

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