Name: Marissol Silva Vieira
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 27/03/2019

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Clara Luiza Miranda Advisor *

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Clara Luiza Miranda Advisor *

Summary: Land regularization is at the center of urban public policies in Brazil, but depending on how it is applied, it can have unforeseen consequences. This dissertation aims at raising possible implications and consequences of the land regularization format applied in Cariacica, a municipality in the Metropolitan Region of Greater Vitória, promoted by private initiative allied to the residents associations, raising the aspects behind the choice of areas, allied to the gaps and institutional limitations of the municipality, using for this bibliographical review and investigations through empirical research. With the predominantly urban population, which consisted of migrants who sought the region, especially since the 1960s, due to the dismantling of the land and the transformation of the cities of the region into the main vectors of the political-economic model that was implanted since the decade of the 1970s, .Cariacica, a spatial clipping of this study, also suffered from the impacts on its urban structure due to irregular and uneven occupation of space, and recently, land regularization stood out among municipal urban public policies aimed at solving this problem, as in the neighborhoods Bela Vista and Castelo Branco, studied by this work. The effectiveness of this policy is questioned, applied without planning and with little participation in the decisions and no regulation by the public power, due to its limitations and diverse interests. The starting point was the hypothesis that the real interest in the regularization of these communities is to promote the liberation of these properties, now located in central and privileged areas of the municipality, which has become interesting to the real estate market. Because the process is recent and the dynamics are still ongoing, we have identified only indications that this model of land regularization will reinsert these areas into the logic of capital reproduction.

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