Name: Rhaina Fornaciari
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 14/03/2018

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Cristina Engel de Alvarez Advisor *

Examining board:

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Cristina Engel de Alvarez Advisor *
Edna Aparecida Nico Rodrigues Internal Examiner *
Luis Manuel Bragança de Miranda e Lopes External Examiner *

Summary: The Civil construction is one of the sectors that most impact negatively the environment, making the pursuit of extending the useful life of a building efficiently and using the installed infrastructure, a fundamental aspect in the concept of the sustainability in a built environment. In this sense, the increase in actions aimed at the rehabilitation of buildings can be classified as a key element to achieve the goals of improvements in the sector. In turn, sustainability assessment tools fulfill the role facilitating the process of insert sustainable practices in construction. However, it is of great importance that they are appropriate to the characteristics of the places WHERE they will be used. Therefore, the objective of this research was to propose a sustainability assessment tool for the rehabilitation of Brazilian multifamily buildings - preliminary version, through the adaptation of the Generic SBTool tool to the local context. The method consisted, from the bibliographic review, in the following stages: selection of the criteria and respective objectives; definition of criteria weights; criteria development; and proposal of the methodology to improve the sustainability assessment tool. As a result, the SBToolBR Retrofit tool was developed and, in addition, a methodology was proposed for the development and improvement of a tool in order to evaluating the sustainability of buildings.

Keywords: sustainability. Assessment tools. Retrofit. SBTool. Multi-family residential.

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