Name: Juliano Motta Silva
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 12/12/2017

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Eneida Maria Souza Mendonça Advisor *

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Andre Luiz Nascentes Coelho External Examiner *
Eneida Maria Souza Mendonça Advisor *
Lúcia Maria Sá Antunes Costa External Examiner *

Summary: In Brazil, the relationship between cities and their water bodies is an historical
conflict. This problem is also verified in Marinho’s River, a small river between
Cariacica and Vila Velha located in Vitória’s metropolitan region. There are
evidences that the first changes in the river’s landscape are dated from the 16th century, at the time of Portuguese colonization of Espírito Santo. Throughout its history, the Marinho’s River was able to be used as navigation, capture of potable water and as subsistence for families that inhabited its margins until the middle of the 20th century, when it underwent an intense process of urbanization. As a consequence of this process, the river’s landscape was severely transformed, culminating in the current situation of environmental degradation. In this meaning, this thesis aims to verify how urbanization and the consequent transformation of the landscape has caused the disconnexion and the forgetfulness of the people related to this river. The methodology used was based in primary sources, organizing the river’s history in a chronological way, marking the changes that occurred in its landscape. Besides that, through oral history organized in semi-structured interviews, the memories of former residents who witnessed the vivid times of the river were recorded. Many of these personal memories which were forgotten could be rescued. This thesis seeks to uncover the history of a river that had a great contribution to the formation of Vitória’s metropolitan region.
Keywords: Rivers. Urban planning. Collective memory. Cultural landscapes.
Metropolitan Region of Vitória (ES).

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