Name: Daniela de Paula
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 29/08/2017

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Karla do Carmo Caser Advisor *

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Karla do Carmo Caser Advisor *
Gilton Luís Ferreira External Examiner *
Daniella do Amaral Mello Bonatto Internal Examiner *

Summary: From the 1970s and 1980s, the decline and emptying of public spaces and the emergence of new leisure options with comfort and security become commonplace in cities. On the other hand, recent research has evidenced the vitality of public squares and parks in which physical interventions associated with activities promoted by the action of popular movements have contributed to the rescue of use of these spaces. This research is based on the importance of free public spaces for leisure, especially urban parks, for the improvement of the urban environment and the quality of life of the population. The objective of this study is to understand the role of contemporary urban parks, using as a case study the “Parque da Cidade”, located in Serra - ES. The purpose of this study was to cover two key issues: the use of the park (activities, profile of users, places and times used) and the perceptions of its users (preferences, demands, expectations, sensations and meanings attributed to space). This research adopts a mixed methodological approach (qualitative and quantitative) and includes, in addition to the bibliographical review of theories and concepts about public spaces, urban parks and uses and desuses, the use of varied field research techniques (behavioral maps, interviews With specific people and interviews with users). The analysis of the use of the “Parque da Cidade/ Serra” identified that it assumes multiple roles and purposes, attending to different profiles of users and that presents differences of activities and intensities according to the days of the week and schedules. The contact with the nature and the tranquility of the space were the most valued elements, however the contact with the people and the proximity of their residences, besides the sports equipment (in particular the walking trail) were also relevant. The most unfavorable aspects were safety and lack of shade. It is believed that, in addition to these results, the problems and demands identified in the analyzes could provide subsidies for future requalification projects and in the planning of new spaces.
Key words: Urban parks. Uses and perceptions. Parque da Cidade.

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