Name: Rodrigo Mendes de Mattos
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 29/06/2017

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Martha Machado Campos Advisor *

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Maria Inês Faé External Examiner *
Martha Machado Campos Advisor *
Milton Esteves Junior Internal Examiner *

Summary: This dissertation analyzes cycling culture in its contemporaneity, taking as example two cities with a very distinct cycle culture, Copenhagen in Denmark (the model city) and Vitória in Brazil (the experience city). The approach proposed is based on three aspects to be investigated in each city, to know: the place’s geography, the urban cycle infrastructure and the landscape scenic potential. The dissertation contemplates a bibliographical review about three urbanist architect authors, that treat about the interface between public space and perception of the city: Robert Venturi, Kevin Lynch and Jan Gehl.
The intention of this review was to understand the relationship of the cyclist with the city through its perception in movement, the relationship with the landscape and how to apply this perception didactically.
The Copenhagen research was conducted in loco as it was in Vitória, however the study focus is on the capixaba’s capital, using Copenhagen as reference, for its topography, size and the fact of being a harbor city.
The city of Vitória revealed, in photographs, volume counts and participative observations, that the gap to reach Copenhagen’s development in cycling is really big, but also has shown that there is potential to get there. The dissertation concluded that a bigger commitment from the public sector, the population and the cycle activist groups in the sense of continued investment in this culture that grows day after day. The study, also revealed, that the cyclist has capacity to understand the city and it is close to the pedestrian’s view, allowing the creation of another potential communication link with the urban space and capable to expand its citizenship consciousness.
Keywords: Vitória, Copenhagen, bicycle, mobility, urban spaces.

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