Name: Taís Rodrigues de Souza Tostes
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 20/06/2017

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Milton Esteves Junior Advisor *

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Clara Luiza Miranda Internal Examiner *
Daniela Zanetti External Examiner *
Milton Esteves Junior Advisor *

Summary: This paper aims to record and discuss the role of territorialities in the possible
appropriations of public spaces, considering the relations between the inhabitant and these
spaces fundamental for the establishment of such appropriations. The choice of the public
space as object of study is justified by its importance in the socio-cultural constructions
of the city, allowing the inhabitants to coexist in community. As a representation of the
urban public space, the square is adopted, because it is one of the synthesis of collective
space, and since the antiquity WHERE meetings and exchanges took place. As an empirical
object, four square is used in the city of Vitória / ES, being: the Place Dom João Batista,
(located in the district of São Pedro); The Praça do Papa (in the Enseada do Suá
neighborhood); Getúlio Vargas Square and Princesa Isabel Square (in the city center).
The choice of such localities is justified by the diversity in the urban formation of such
places, arousing interest in the identification of the relations established between the
inhabitants of the neighborhoods and the squares in question. The literature review, the
experiences made through a phenomenological experience and the cartographies allow
the registration of the activities and appropriations that occur in the squares studied, being
this the methodological process used to carry out the study. The final notes reflect the
urban aspects of the squares, associating the territorialities and relations established
between inhabitants and public space with possible future appropriations.
Keywords: public space, territoriality, square, territory, cartography, phenomenological

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