Name: Aline Tessarolo Ruy Scarpini
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 24/05/2017

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Renata Hermanny de Almeida Advisor *

Examining board:

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Antônio Carlos Queiroz Do Ó Filho Internal Examiner *
Maria Lucia Bressan Pinheiro External Examiner *
Renata Hermanny de Almeida Advisor *

Summary: On contemporaneous routs, itineraries, circuits, amongst others are terms used for developing strategies and aiming knowledge and experimenting territories.
These terms, in this work are universalized as cultural roots, being linked to the tourist logic worldwide. This type of territorial production is associated to several authors to museification: recent phenomenon that suggests a museum patterned of territorializing, producing a petrification/ freezing in all other methods, as being treated as museum objects. Before of the integration possibility between two presented themes this research has an objective connected to the European Immigration to the state of Espirito Santo. As proceedings adopts qualifying research in the study case of Caravaggio Circuit – located in this State, in the district of Santa Teresa – through eight museification processes analysis defined by concept reasons. The research because of the museification identification process itself in the Caravaggio Circuit Process, showing a real link between museification of territory and cultural routes.
Key-words: Museification. Territory. Cultural Route.

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