Name: Winnie Bruna de Souza Pereira
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 04/05/2017

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José Francisco Bernardino Freitas Advisor *

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Andre Luiz Nascentes Coelho External Examiner *
José Francisco Bernardino Freitas Advisor *
Maria Laís Pereira da Silva External Examiner *

Summary: The occurrence of disasters through natural or human actions can be frequent and usually contributes to the deterioration of the environment and local memory. The incidence of these disasters has become increasingly common in cities, particularly in areas of spontaneous and irregular growth. Loss of life and damage to property related to disasters often hit with greater intensity populations of lower economic status that occupy areas unsuitable to urbanization. In this respect, this work deals with the urban resilience. The question that arises is: what can reduce the social and environmental vulnerability of the urban environment? This research aims at relating preexisting urban features that generate vulnerability, intending to list an hierarchy of resilience’s practices, to reduce flood risks in the urban area of the capital of the Municipality of Vila Velha/ES. It starts by questioning the worsening of disasters in the region in the last decades. The research method consists of from the study of previous cases to examine urban aspects of disaster facilitators in Vila Velha. The reflections derives from this study will allow the listing of preventive theoretical viewpoints and correctional urban planning policies to the improvement of existing infrastructure.

Keywords: Natural disasters, vulnerability, irregular occupation, infrastructure, resilience.

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