Name: Larissa Barcellos Campos
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 28/03/2017

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Eneida Maria Souza Mendonça Advisor *

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Eduardo José Marandola Junior External Examiner *
Eneida Maria Souza Mendonça Advisor *
Milton Esteves Junior Internal Examiner *

Summary: This project aims to report and discuss walking experimentations in the region of Suá, Vitória, Espírito Santo and to present questionings, thus allowing a sensitive apprehension of the city through the ideas of landscape. The selection of the spatial reference for application of the analysis was based on the acknowledgement of the repercussions of the 1970s urban project that originated the Enseada do Suá neighborhood, established upon a hydraulic fill of part of the Vitória bay, corresponding to Suá beach. The starting point was based on the interest in verifying the influence of the physical and social transformations resulting from this project, especially on the adjacent neighborhood, Praia do Suá, originated at the beginning of the XX century, as a village of anglers coming from Portugal. From the historical research, a possible tension was observed in the interaction between the practices exerted in the Enseada do Suá and the ways of life of Praia do Suá. In a theoretical discussion about the conception of landscape as a way of seeing and as experience, we point to the potential of walking as an experimental methodological procedure that, based on the flanances, ramblings and drifts, is proposed for the understanding of the complexities of the City From this portrayal, two distinct phases of experimentation were performed. The first one regards the qualitative analysis of the reports made from the experience of undergraduate students on the area. The second one consists in the presentation of the researcher’s personal production of narratives as a representation of the landscape experiences in the Suá. As a conclusion, are pointed out both the validation of hypotheses related to the role of the ambulation experience in the apprehension of the city and the confirmation of a traversed context in the relations between the Enseada and Praia do Suá.
Keywords: Landscape, drift, experience, representation, subjectivity, Enseada do Suá, Praia do Suá.

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