Name: Tainah Virginia Cypriano Penna
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 27/03/2017

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Eneida Maria Souza Mendonça Advisor *

Examining board:

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Andre Luiz Nascentes Coelho External Examiner *
Eneida Maria Souza Mendonça Advisor *
Lúcia Maria Sá Antunes Costa External Examiner *

Summary: Historically Brazilian cities have developed alongside waterways.
Many of these rivers underwent an intense urbanization process
at their banks, and without effective planning, began to serve only
as a waste disposal site and foreign to city life. This dissertation
seeks to analyze the forms of occupation in the bottom of the
Itapemirim River’s valley, in the urban area of the municipality of
Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, south of Espírito Santo state, and to
identify changes over time in urban landscape and environmental
quality. The methodology involves studies on the theme and
history of the site, assessment of legislation, map examination,
statistics, photographs, satellite images, field application and
analysis of the Rubem Braga chronicles and Carybé drawings.
The method developed by Amorim (2004) was used to evaluate
environmental impacts and Mendonça's methodology (2005)
was used for landscape analysis. The main change observed is
the continuous loss of incorporation of water resources in the
urban environment, highlighted by the environmental
degradation that it was submitted and the privatization of its
banks, preventing its visualization and use, from a collective point
of view, as an admirable element.
Keywords: Urban Rivers; Cachoeiro de Itapemirim; Urban
Settlement; Landscape; Environmental Impacts.

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