Name: Angelica Maria Fonseca Dornelas
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 24/03/2017

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Renata Hermanny de Almeida Advisor *

Examining board:

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Geilma Lima Vieira External Examiner *
Renata Hermanny de Almeida Advisor *
Thais Alessandra Bastos Caminha Sanjad External Examiner *

Summary: The objective of this work is to investigate the deterioration of historic buildings built in ceramic brick masonry, due to cracking and its correlation with the impact of mechanical vibrations generated by road traffic. It presents as object the Historical Site of Santa Leopoldina, protected by tipping (1983) and located in central mountain region, interior of the state of Espírito Santo. The study area comprises a segment of the Road ES-080 (Road José Sette), in the Santa Leopoldina city, known as Avenue Prefeito Hélio Rocha and Avenue Presidente Vargas. This, structuring axis of the historical site (WHERE most protected buildings are concentrated) is a passageway of intense daily traffic of large vehicles. Jointly, the research is carried out by means of scientific methods, adopting a historical, conceptual, empirical and experimental approach, with a qualitative and quantitative scope, directed to the evaluation of the impact of the road flow in brick masonry in the form of vibration. To do so, it observes the origin of the traffic; checks for vibration resistance limits, for each construction system; and proposes recommendations to reduce the circulation of vehicles, especially those of greater weight. Concludes with the indication of measures directed to the control and the reduction of the traffic; and technical procedures adequate to the safeguard of the buildings, preserving the original constructive system.
Keywords: Road traffic. Vibration. Brick masonry. Historical site.

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