Name: Nathália Spala Sorte
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 30/08/2016

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Martha Machado Campos Advisor *

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Cristovão Fernandes Duarte External Examiner *
José Francisco Bernardino Freitas Internal Examiner *
Martha Machado Campos Advisor *

Summary: Changes in sea transport and technological advances have made port facilities go through profound changes, not only in physical form, but above all in relation to the city, especially with its central and historic areas. This dissertation deals with the study of the relationship between the contemporary city and its waterfronts and conflicts arising from this interaction. The purpose is understand the problem about urban interventions in disabled port areas and situated in the city center, with an emphasis on conflict for the resident and the memories of each location. In this purpose proceed the study of post-modern city, with an emphasis on urban interventions in port areas; analysis of conflicts generated in urban interventions related to museification cities, tourism and the role of the resident in this process; review of restructuring experiences of port areas in Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Porto Alegre, exploring its features and its reverse; a historical approach to the implementation and development of Porto de Vitória; and the update of this discussion to the city of Vitória, by addressing the role of social actors in local debate. It is concluded that the problems relating to the Porto de Vitória and its restructuring perspective in the future only if elucidate when the port sector and the city align the understanding of the use and preservation of this heritage present in the center of Vitória.

Keywords: Port. Central area of Vitória. Memory. Urban intervencion.

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